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The new edition of
Making an Entrance: Dancing Out the Message Behind Inclusive Practice 

This second edition of Making an Entrance is a practical and thought-provoking introduction to teaching dance with disabled and non-disabled students, updated with expanded coverage, new and revised exercises, and chapters that cover post-pandemic and online practice, diversity and inclusivity.

With improvisation as its central concern the book covers a range of topics, including new autoethnographic writing, mental health, performance, feedback, and The Dancers’ Forest and interrogates what we mean when we talk about ‘inclusive’ and ‘integrated dance’.  There are over 50 exercises designed for dance students of all levels accompanied by teachers notes. Useful hints are provided on the practicalities of setting up workshops covering issues such as class sizes, the safety aspects of wheelchairs and accessibility.

An essential read for both students and teachers of improvisation who are seeking ways to engage with issues of diversity, written to be accessible whilst offering areas of increasing complexity and challenge for more experienced practitioners.

Available from amazon and all good bookshops from 24 Jun. 2022

book cover dancers Sue Smith and David Toole

Making an Entrance

Theory and practice for disabled and non disabled dancers

by Adam Benjamin


Published by Routledge (2002)

Now available in Italian, Published CUE PRESS (2020) Translated by Monica Morselli.

The first practical introduction to teaching dance with disabled and non disabled students, written by one of the leading practitioners in the field. A thought provoking and hugely enjoyable manual, essential reading for all those addressing difference through the medium of dance. 

The book explores how improvisation can be better used to meet the evolving needs of dance education and includes over 50 exercises designed to stimulate and challenge students at all levels. The theoretical sections delves into the history of a 'dis-integrated' dance practice, placing it within the wider context of cultural and political change. The author questions what is meant by 'inclusive' or 'integrated dance' - and what we might expect of it.

Includes useful information on the practicalities of setting up workshops, covering issues of class size, the safety aspects of wheelchairs and the accessibility of dance spaces. Now a set book on numerous university courses across the UK.



'This book revolutionizes perceptions of the dancer's body as well as dance itself'
Carrie Sandahl, Florida State University

'This is a path-breaking sourcebook and guide to the challenges and creative opportunities for integrated dance'
Carol Brown, University of Surrey

book cover dancers Sue Smith and David Toole

an ethnographic consideration of dance, digital technology and hikikomori in Japan and the UK

By Adam Benjamin in

Dance, access and inclusion: perspectives on dance, young people and change,  Editors: Stephanie Burridge and Charlotte Svendler Nielsen Publisher – Routledge UK (2017)



The arts have a crucial role in empowering young people with special needs through diverse dance initiatives. Inclusive pedagogy that integrates all students in rich, equitable and just dance programmes within education frameworks is occurring alongside enabling projects by community groups and in the professional dance world where many high-profile choreographers actively seek opportunities to work across diversity to inspire creativity. Access and inclusion is increasingly the essence of projects for disenfranchised and traumatised youth who find creative expression, freedom and hope through dance. This volume foregrounds dance for young people with special needs and presents best practice scenarios in schools, communities and the professional sphere. International perspectives come from Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Denmark, Fiji, Finland, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Papua New Guinea, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, Timor Leste, the UK and the USA.


by Adam Benjamin in

Dance Disability and Law (2018) Ed Whatley. Pub Intellect


By Adam Benjamin & Dr Mathew Emmett in

Digital Echoes

Spaces for Intangible and Performance-based Cultural Heritage

Ed Whatley, Cisneros & Sabiescu. Pub Palgrave Macmillan 2018


by Adam Benjamin  in

Dance Leadership:  

Theory into Practice Jane M. Alexandre (Author) 2017

This “what is”―rather than “how to”― volume proposes a theoretical framework for understanding dance leadership for dancers, leaders, and students of both domains, illustrated by portraits of leaders in action in India, South Africa, UK, US, Brazil and Canada. What is dance leadership? Who practices it, in what setting, and why? Through performance, choreography, teaching, writing, organizing and directing, the dance leaders portrayed herein instigate change and forward movement. Illustrating all that is unique about leading in dance, and by extension the other arts, readers can engage with such wide-ranging issues as: Does the practice of leading require followers? How does one individual’s dance movement act on others in a group? What does ‘social engagement’ mean for artists? Is the pursuit of art and culture a human right?

An introduction to COMMUNITY DANCE PRACTICE  2nd Edition.

Edited by Diane Amans 2017

Second Time Open - Accessible practice and professional performance.





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  • Benjamin, A. J. (2017) Pulling back from being together: an ethnographic consideration of dance, digital technology and hikikomori in Japan and the UK. (2017) In Burridge and Svendler Nielsen (eds) publisher – Routledge UK

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  • L'intelligence du corps (1999) published in Japanese by:Aichi Arts Promotions Service

        email: web: the book looks at the work of Adam Benjamin and Wolfgang Stange


Articles with buttons are included in full - click on the links. 

Article title                                Publication                                         Issue

Bounded in a nutshell                          Animated                                     Date posted: 07 December 2020

                                                                            Animated                                         Spring 2015

                                                                        Online                                                       2007


Building Dreams in Ethiopia           Dance UK                                                 49, Summer 2003


Beyond Difference                  THEATRE ART (Japan)                       Vol 17, 2002-2,


Adam Benjamin                               Sotokoto Magazine(Japan)               Vol 12 no.42 Dec 2002


An Evolution in Practice            Animated                                            Summer 2002


Tshwaragano                                    Dance Theatre Journal                            Vol 17 no.1 Spring  2001


Le droit de mouvement CRHES (France)

Collectif de Rechercher sur le Handicap et l’Education Spécialisée         Spring 2000

Université Lyon 2 


The Problem with Steps                 Animated                                                  Autumn 1999


What's the Problem?                      Dance Theatre Journal                            Spring 1999


Adam Benjamin is niet Dans no.8 (Holland)                                                June 1998

geinteresseerd in invaliditeit


New way of DancingNihon Keizai National Press Japan,                     Winter 1997


African Diaries                                Animated                                                 Summer 1997


Levelling the Stage                          Animated                                                 Spring 1997 


Physical Theatre 

and Physical Disability                    Total Theatre,                                           Vol 8 no 4,  Winter 1996/7

magazine for mime, physical theatre

& visual performance


La Compagnie CandoCo                Marsyas                                                    No 39/40 Dec  1996

Revue de pedagogie musicale 

et choreographique


Access to performance

Spaces                                              Access by Design                                    Summer 1996


 The Simpson Board                         Animated                                                 Autumn 1995


Danse et l’integration Presented at ‘Danse et Dissidence’ at L’Opera, Lyon, France.  Nov  1995


Unfound Movement                        Dance Theatre Journal                           Vol 12 no.1, Summer  1995


Access and Excellence                    Forward Move                                         Spring 1995


Flying in the Face of                        Partnerships Magazine                           Autumn 1994


The Issue.                                         Dance Matters                                         ISSN 1351-3125


In Search of Integrity                       Dance News Ireland                               Autumn 1994, Vol 7. No. 3


Able to Dance                                  Animated                                                Spring 1994


In Search of Integrity                     Dance Theatre Journal                          Vol 10 no 4, Autumn 1993


Loosing the ties that bind               DICE  Magazine                                  Issue 15, April 1991


       PAPERS / presentations


  • Arte, Handicap, Amore Incontri Internazionali su Arte e Abilità differenti IV Edizione. San Casciano, Italy 2019

  • Access, Excellence, Inclusion and Diversity  KIADA Festival 2019, Seoul, South Korea

  • Will we find it when we get there? [Keynote]  5th Annual Pedrio Conference. Plymouth University. April 2016

  • Open State [Keynote] Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, Belgium October 2015

  • Finding it When You Get There. Inquiring Bodies, Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, Belgium April 2015

  • The Fool’s Journey and Poisonous Mushrooms. Dance and Somatic Practices conference. Coventry University June 2013.

  • Highways and Lay-bys: A consideration of Integrated performance and the tensions that exist between virtuosic/professional and      inclusive/community dance practices. IFTR conference, Institut del Teatro, Barcelona July 2013

  • Danse et l’integration Presented at ‘Danse et Dissidence’ L’Opera, Lyon France.  Nov 1995

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