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Tamar Valley Tai Chi Balls

 Inspiration in Every Turn

The Tamar Valley Tai Chi Ball arose from a collaboration with local wood turner John Fells. The balls are all made from locally sourced wood and a percentage of every sale goes toward the Dancers' Forest. 

It is our intention that one day we will be able to use trees from our own forest to create the tai chi balls,  and continue to feed into future rewilding and reforestation projects.        


The balls are available to order according to wood type, weight and size. The lighter smaller balls 5" and 6" are recommended for beginners, working up to the heavier Ash and Oak, 8" diameter balls for more advanced practice. See below for details of weights and prices. Weights may vary very slightly from ball to ball.

To place an order please email John Fells with details of the ball you would like to purchase. If you cant see the ball that you want, then do ask John about customised versions.


Photos by Kodai Benjamin

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