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Summer Intensive 2022 in planning for Bristol - Updates to follow.
Photo Credit: Martha Scholefield

Feedback from previous intensives

"Even now thinking about the day it gives me a sense of joy, warmth encouragement that I can be a part of dance and movement again, at a pace that works for me, working with me and what I can offer, not having to hide but to be able to fully present with all of me".

“It was truly inclusive. Delivered with care, sensitivity, warmth and genuineness. I felt safe and held by Adam and the group”. 


“The most amazing and transforming experience”.


“If I am to make work that disrupts and challenges, I have to disrupt and challenge my own ideas, prejudices and practice, and that was the great gift of this workshop”. 


“I grew as an artist immensely in the short period we had together. Adam Benjamin is a true gem and master of integrated dance, and having this intensive was a necessary part of my growth as an artist. He brings together amazing people, and offers a safe but challenging space for artistic and personal growth”.