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Tai Chi promotes well-being and stability through gentle, flowing, yet powerful movement and helps develop an inner sense of strength and tranquility.  In the class there is an emphasis on breath and postural alignment. Classes include solo practice and partner exercises - always optional for those in need of maintaining personal space.
Adam is a senior instructor with Tai Chi Union of Great Britain, he teaches with humour and attention to individual needs, his classes are open to everyone regardless of age or experience.


Tutor: Adam has practiced Tai Chi for over 40 years, he teaches a short form honouring the Beijing Yang style of the late  Rose Shao-Chiang Li but incorporating influences from a variety of styles and teachers. Rose Li (1914- 2001) was a student of Den Yun Feng (1873 - 1941).

With thanks to Emma Newman for the artwork on the poster

Our thanks to  Sifu Dr Jay Dunbar and Kathleen Cusick for the wonderful San Shou workshop this June 

Spring 2024
(Most classes move outdoors during the Summer)


Beginners                         11.00 - 12.00    The Printworks 


New Beginners class      13.00 - 14.00     The Printworks

Beginners                        16.00 - 17.00      The Printworks 



Beginners                            16.30 - 17.30  Calstock Village Hall  Cornwall

Advanced                             17.30 - 18.30  Calstock Village Hall  Cornwall


Advanced                             09.30  - 10.30  The Printworks Tavistock, Devon        

Intermediate                       11.30  - 12.30   The Printworks Tavistock, Devon



Sunday San Shou               11.00 - 12.30  Tamar Valley Nursery PL18 9AA                                                                                                                     Please check dates with Adam



Taster sessions are £5.00  Thereafter 6 sessions for £50.00 to be completed over 8 weeks or £60.00 per class for 6 lessons that can be taken within a calendar year. Payments can be made through BACS, cheque or cash


These sessions can be set to suit your needs and can be outdoors or anywhere suitable indoors.

One on one session:                £30 for 45 mins - 

An additional £10 will be added if studio space is required

Hand Hygiene

                               Tai chi in a time of trouble

There is no doubt that stress and fear impact heavily on the body's immune system, so now, more than ever, Tai Chi has a significant role to play in maintaining our well being and keeping us calm, centred and energised. 

Whenever you can use your Tai Chi to connect you to nature - open, connect and flow so that your energy circulates and your immune system feels supported. 

Just a reminder (I’m sure you are already fully aware) but:

If you have coronavirus symptoms:

    • a high temperature
   • a new, continuous cough
   • a loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste

Please stay at home. If you are experiencing normal cough and cold / flu symptoms please don't come to class either, but stay home look after yourself and return once you feel better. We all need to look after ourselves and each other.

Suggestions - Vitamin D and C and zinc are all recommended, as are fresh lemon & ginger juice, chilli, & black cumin oil!

Video of Tai Chi Form

 The first part of the form to Single Whip with commentary, and a collection of updated details and notes.

Form up to White Crane 

Focus on Brush Knee and correct knee alignment

From Sink Down to Single Whip on the diagonal

From Single Whip (SE) to Diagonal Flying

From Step Up Circle Hands to Turn and Chop with Fist

From Turn and Chop with Fist to Cloud Hands

From Snake Creeps Down to End of Form

Alan Watts’s The Way of Zen 


A world which increasingly consists of destinations without journeys between them, a world which values only “getting somewhere” as fast as possible, becomes a world without substance. One can get anywhere and everywhere, and yet the more this is possible, the less is anywhere and everywhere worth getting to. For points of arrival are too abstract, too Euclidean to be enjoyed, and it is all very much like eating the precise ends of a banana without getting what lies in between. The point, therefore, of these arts is the doing of them rather than the accomplishments. But, more than this, the real joy of them lies in what turns up unintentionally in the course of practice, just as the joy of travel is not nearly so much in getting where one wants to go as in the unsought surprises which occur on the journey.

Seek Stillness in Movement

Seek Movement in Stillness

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Branch in a Glass Jar

The Microcosmic Orbit

The microcosmic orbit is a term used to describe the circular orbiting of energy (focus, attention and breath) up the back and down the front of the torso, passing through the main energy points along the way.

Begin with your attention at the perineum, inhale as you shift your awareness slowly up the back, along the neck and over the crown of the head,  and then exhale as you visualise the breath descending the front centre line of the body.  This is a slow circular journey best done in a quiet and undisturbed space.

The Macro cosmic orbit
Click on the image for some very good guidance on feeling energy pathways through the body

Wooden Window

Foot Notes

Tai Chi slippers can be purchased online relatively cheaply. I like this soft rubber soled version, that don't slip on smooth floors


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