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Exim Dance Company

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Astonishing and disturbing in equal measure - I have been recalling elements of it ever since. 

Genuine exploration - risk and moments of real innovation. -

Sheila Snellgrove, Director Barbican Theatre 

We’re marking out the spaces that we’re going to move through, that we have permission to move through, marking out the territories that belong to us, and those that belong to you, because we need to know, and you need to know where the lines are drawn; who is to be marked up and who is marked out, destined for the margins. 

The Birth of Memory

Exim Dance Company

Open State


Exim toured with The Birth of Memory to Russia and S Korea in 2018. 

Choreography Adam Benjamin and dancers

Music: Mathew Emmett, Eduardo Miranda & Andy Cowton

Choreography Adam Benjamin and dancers

Integrated Dance Company-Kyo (Japan)

Music: Mathew Emmett & John Matthias

Shortened trio from Open State made during Lockdown

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