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poster fo Tale that Wags the Dog
poster for Destino Sadlers Wells
poster from Vertigo Dance Co
Poster for Fathom Project, Sadlers Wells

The Birth of Memory

Exim Dance Company.  Moscow 2018

"A radical and refreshing departure from contemporary dance clichés."

The Moscow Stage 

Open State    

Integrated Dance Company- Kyo. Japan 2015


“highly skilled physical control and great trust between the dancers leads us through a series of playful choreography into the most unexpected surprises”.


Sankei Shinbun Newspaper

This Is 

Croi Glan Integrated Dance Company, 2010 

premiered at The Dublin Fringe.


In spite of the billing, /This Is/ (sic) isn’t a dance-in-progress anymore, but a fully-formed piece that sets new standards for Croí Glan Integrated Dance. Choreographer Adam Benjamin is a veteran creator for disabled and non-disabled dancers and has never focused on the politics of different bodies onstage. Instead, he gives unwavering attention to the movement and /This Is/ displays this creative guile, particularly in the seductive quintets where the performers continually merge and split into short duos and trios. His craftsmanship was well-rewarded with committed performances from the five dancers.


The Irish Times * * * * (four stars)



A Holding Space   

Destino, 2009

Choreographed By Russell Maliphant and Adam Benjamin


“Maliphant and Benjamin's duet for Demissie and Sendi is sensitively choreographed, a moving response of mature professionals to young dancers at the beginning of their careers. It's a compact piece in which the tall rangy Ethiopians explore a friendship through lifts, balances and supports that establish a bond as strong as that between brothers. Strength, exuberant energy and a rooted connection to the ground, acknowledged by much African dance, inform their physicality, which is captivating to watch, but even more intriguing is how the softer sides of their young masculine identities emerge as they protect and sustain one another.”

" An ode to what is now almost two decades of creative work in a partnership that continues to flourish, it’s summed up in Kifle’s words: “Where he is, I am. Where I am, he is.” It’s unforgettable.

Debbie Hathaway


Angels of Incidence      

Scottish Dance Theatre, 2007


“An extraordinary example of integrated dance. Darkly lyrical, epic yet intimate, it flows like a disorienting, episodic dream.”


Donald Hutera, THE TIMES

               - - -

Pure, uplifting beauty in the interactions between dancers, wheelchairs, music and projected imagery, and a true tenderness in the closing duet...... Impressive and moving.


The Herald

               - - -


“Proved that beautiful movement comes in many forms. 

Before long, the line between disabled and able-bodied dancers was blurred almost beyond recognition, while the closing duet was one of the most tender exchanges seen on stage in a long time.”


 The Scotsman



Second Time Broken  

Remix Dance Project, South Africa, 2006

"The most beautifully crafted work of this impressive season (Johannesburg Dance Umbrella), performed with grace and expertise by Cape Town's Remix Dance Project" 


The Tonight



“[A] work of beauty and sensitivity [...] An emotive state of the art piece [...] A gem”


Cape Times

Taking Care of Small Things     

Remix Theatre Company, South Africa, 2002/3


 Arts and Culture Trust Awards: Cultural Development Project of the Year, 2002. - Awarded to Remix following the production of TCoST


"Benjamin subverts the audience's preconception of how the world weaves [...] The first, fully realized production of Cape Town based Remix Theatre Company.... resonates with theatricality from the outset"


Andrew Gilder



Limited Choices     

Adam Benjamin and dancers, UK, 2001/2


"Uncomfortable, and yet wonderfully insightful. ........hit the funny bone and the tear duct simultaneously".


Lydia Wharf - the place

The word ‘Buto’ came to my mind…Regardless of any ethics Tom’s physical personality was definitely speaking on the stage not as something to fill the gap between differences, nor pretending to be something else.  It had it’s own message.  Benjamin’s approach teaches us of the possibilities that can be sought within uniqueness (individuality).


Ballet (Japan) 2001 by Muto Daisuke




The Power of Balance     

Vertigo Dance Company, Israel, 2001 


“Complex and sophisticated. More human than many modern dance works.... soul stirring, without sentimentality. Simply, a great work of art. Rarely does a professional critic have to fight back tears because what is presented on stage is so beautiful.”


Giora Manor




The Tale That Wags the Dog 

AandBC Theatre Company (movement direction)


No.1 Critics Choice - The Scotsman

Box Office Record. The Drum, Theatre Royal, Plymouth.




The Querist's Quire 

Tshwaragano Dance Company, South Africa, 2001

Best Ensemble Cast  - FNB Vita Dance Indaba Awards

“The subtext of entitlement and empowerment enriches the sound choreographic crafting and layered language. In its artistic choices The Querist's Quire is rooted in South African history and cultural traditions. The participation of the Imilonji KaNtu choir, The Peoples Choir, on tape and in person, extends the themes of liberation, freedom and integration - racial, social and above all, physical....

Solos, duets, trios and ensembles resonate with subtle surprises and revelations studded with risk, reality and resurgent emotion.”


The Star



Table Stories    

HandiCapace, Germany, 2000


"Simply beautiful"

Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung 

               - - -


"Something new within the vocabulary of dance as well as within the expressive arts"


Stuttgarter Nachricten




An Egg is Enough    

Adam Benjamin & dancers, Belgium, 1999


“Ground breaking work. Hilarious, touching and theatrical..... The word sacred came to mind.”

Dans magazine (Holland)

               - - -


“A fully fledged artistic creation...... intense and exceptionally beautiful”

De Standaard (Belgium)





Seulment Si       

Tardis Dance Company, UK, 1998


" of the most soul-stirring and inspirational pieces of contemporary dance I have ever seen."

Disability Times




Brooding Angels    

HandiCapace, Germany, 1997


"scenes of virtuosity, of power, beauty and compositional density, ending in overwhelming images of the entire company....... Award winning work that need have no fear of touring after the premier."


Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung




Tales From Home 

The Besht Tellers, UK , 1996 (movement direction)


"A triumph of choreography.........."


The Irish World

               - - -


" of those rare and blessed evenings which actually leave you feeling better about human existence."


The Daily Telegraph

               - - -


"Simple directness, piercing beauty.."



               - - -


“It takes some skill to produce a show that will captivate kids and adults alike with its simple wisdom and intangible magic. Each story is told in accessible language, with knowing physical references. Physically innovative (with movement choreographed by CandoCo founder Adam Benjamin)”

What's On



Flying in the Face of.... 

CandoCo, UK, 1992

TimeOut London Performance Award

"One of the very best dance works I have seen in the last year"

 Ballett International



Christy Dont Leave So Soon     

CandoCo, UK, 1992


“beautiful and imperious.....   touching but unsentimental”


The Independent Weekend     




Responses to choreography for non professional groups:


The Full Morris Equilibrium. Bristol Streetfest, 1998

"The best piece of street theatre I've seen in years"

Dave Reeves. Director ZAP Productions



Circling the Square  Glos integrated Youth Dance Co, 1996

"A magnificent performance..the audience reaction was quite overwhelming."

Director. Roses Theatre,Tewksbury



Velcro Gloucester Integrated Youth Dance Company, 1995

Winner of BT Outstanding Achievement Award



Metalmorphic  CDW Cheshire, 1994

"On many levels, the best piece of community dance I have ever seen"

Yakov Slivkin


Human Race YDA Leeds 1992

"A Masterpiece"

Nadine Senior, Director, Northern School of Contemporary Dance.


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