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Japanese Reflexology

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A foot therapy that treats the whole person

Tamami Benjamin

Tamami has developed a unique approach to healing combining Eastern knowledge, Shiatsu, Western reflexology and lymphatic drainage, working from the foot to the back of the knee, using reflexology points and nerve endings.

The treatments identify imbalances in the body’s energy (chi) and blood flow, improve circulation and support the elimination of toxic elements and deposits. The therapy is deeply relaxing and effectively allows the body to restore itself to better function and reestablish its natural connection to the earth through the foot. Tamami believes in the importance of self care, and treatments include advice on diet, exercise, and relaxation techniques. Sessions take into account the whole person, assist the recovery process and promote a sense of wellbeing and harmony.

About Tamami

Tamami was the administrative director and principal therapist of the Yojoen Holistic Retreat Centre, Nagano, Japan. She has a wealth of experience in holistic/integrated medicine working with clients of all ages. She is a mother of 3 boys (all home birthed), a trained macrobiotic and wholefood chef, she leads Japanese cookery workshops including shio koji, sushi and miso making.

Tamami originally trained and qualified in Japan in 1992 and requalified in the UK in Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Reflexology (receiving distinction in all areas). She is a full member of The Association of Reflexologists with practices in Devon and Cornwall.


I first met Tamami Benjamin in 2001, when I booked my first appointment with her for reflexology during a particularly stressful time in my life. On entering her treatment room my first impression was of a quiet, uncluttered, calm and tranquil room with a warm welcome. Her initial consultation was thorough, unhurried and sensitive.

Once the treatment began, her confidence and caring approach made me feel safe and relaxed. The pressure was excellent, as I felt she was already in tune to my feet and their needs. I have since then been a very regular patient and throughout my time as an aromatherapist and reflexologist and trying various people for treatments in the past, I have never encountered any other reflexologist who has come close to matching Tamami’s ability and professionalism.

She has a deeply intuitive approach and is able to detect and pinpoint areas in my feet with astute accuracy that link to blockages or problems in my body and work on these areas to assuage them.  Tamami has a warm-hearted and delightful charisma equalled only to her first-class professional approach and expertise.


                                                                                        Rosalyn P

I cannot rate highly enough Tamami Benjamin’s skill in Japanese Reflexology. Eighteen months ago l was emotionally and physically low after major family bereavements. Luckily l was recommended Tamami’s treatment and followed my instinct to book. Initially weekly sessions restored me enough to now attend every three weeks. I am so grateful for the introduction to receive Tamami’s special sensitive, empathetic and restorative treatment. 


Stephanie F

I have been receiving treatments from Tamami for about 15 years now and see it as my regular health check in.  Initially I was interested in receiving treatments for my thyroid condition and I have found that reflexology has been hugely beneficial in supporting my body return to a state of balance. Over the years, Tamami has treated me through pre-conception, during pregnancy, post-partum and beyond! Tamami has also supported me through a period of extreme anxiety so her skills are most definitely suited to treating both mental and physical ailments. Through each phase of my life, Tamami has adjusted her treatment to my specific needs. Tamami has a wealth of knowledge of the whole body and instinctively knows which areas of my body need attention at any particular time. The treatments are not only extremely relaxing but also provide an insight into how my body is functioning, where I am holding stress and have blockages in my energy. Tamami will manipulate the areas which need extra attention; the sensation is both relaxing and therapeutic.  

I consider the treatments as an investment into my health – both physical and mental and would recommend Tamami to anyone who is interested in supporting their health in a holistic manner.  Even if you do not have a specific health concern that you wish to address, a reflexology treatment with Tamami is a wonderfully relaxing experience and offers a rare opportunity to stop and truly be still in our busy lives.  


                                                               Maria K

I have been attending Japanese Reflexology treatments with Tamami Benjamin approx 9 months, having first met Tamami at her Japanese cookery demonstration & participation, with lunch.  


I find that after each session of Japanese Reflexology I feel totally relaxed and at ease, it also gives my well being a boost.

Before and after appointments with Tamami I find her extremely easy to talk with and discuss various aspects of life - she is very cheerful and uplifting in character, which leaves me looking forward, very much, to my next appointment.

                                                                                     Olga R

‘I have known Tamami now for 10 yrs. I first met her at a charity ‘Do’ where she was doing ‘taster’ treatments. That is where I first ‘felt in tune and connected with her.
My second encounter was when I was in exceeding pain and saw a notice in NYR window as I was passing for ‘tasters’. I booked a 15 minute session as I knew it would help, (which it did) and thereafter have remained a loyal and dedicated client/patient. 
She is kind, reassuring, professional and brilliant at what she does. I feel so relaxed in her company and when she’s working. She knows exactly where to press, she is so ‘zoned in and connected’. Even if it may cause a bit of brief discomfort, I know she’s hit the spot and it’s doing me good. She knows where I’m in pain or discomfort, sometimes even before I do! 
Tamami is one amazing Lady! I’d trust her with my life!’

Elizabeth C.

Tamami will make you feel very welcome and, no matter how stressed, jaded or exhausted you were feeling before your treatment, it won’t be long before you start to unwind and let Tamami’s fingers work their magic on your feet.  I’ve often been very stressed or anxious when I’ve arrived but the treatments are wonderful and, by the time the treatment has ended, I’ve felt so relaxed and have left Tamami with a smile on my face. Do yourself a favour and try it. Tamami is a lovely, caring person and she is very experienced so having one of her treatments is wonderfully relaxing and you’ll leave her feeling like a new person!

                                                                               Sue O

I have been having treatments with Tamami for years now and it is always the highlight of my week. Tam is the most exceptional reflexologist whose treatments deliver benefits that go way beyond the boundaries of regular reflexology. I live a very busy, stressful life (don't we all?) and I may not look after myself as well as I should. I feel like my weekly visit to Tam is sometimes the only thing keeping me alive, and in an hour alone Tam manages to right my self-inflicted wrongs. I literally feel reborn after a treatment, sleep incredibly well and feel fully equipped to face the rest of the week. If you do just one thing for yourself, a treatment with Tam must be top of your list.

                                                                                                    Rebecca G

Tamami works in the Tamar Valley, at Tavistock Therapy Centre  and Butterwalk in Totnes

Contact 07504679334

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