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USAATO    Ethical Fashion, Design, Performance

Ethical Fashion, Design, Performance

The performance at the House in Plymouth this Saturday (1st June 2019) was unique in many aspects, not the least that it combined interests in design, sustainability and performance within a single event. Usaburo, the visionary Japanese designer has brought together an extraordinary group of performers (, who he clothes and to whom he then hands over artistic direction. USAATO clothes are made in specially selected villages in Thailand and Laos practicing sustainable agriculture and known for their traditions of spinning, weaving and plant based dyes. The fabrics are mostly handspun and hand woven by their traditional weaving machines from cotton, hemp and silk with natural dyeing by artisan women in various areas of these two countries. Having had the privilege to perform with and wear these beautiful clothes, I have had to question more deeply where and how my everyday clothes are made. USAATO clothes are sewn by individuals and groups in worker friendly environments in Chiang Mai, Thailand. These beautiful fabrics are unique to the various villages which is further reflected in the individuality of the designs. It is the USAATO mission to support sustainable agriculture, respect the village traditions and to bring a healthy economy and quality life to these villages. If you are interested in where you can buy USAATO in the UK please email for details:



There is a very lovely blog about Usaburo by beansprout adventures  

and lastly the company website is

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