Tai Chi and Ashi no Shiatsu

Tai Chi

A movement form originating in China, which promotes a sense of physical and mental balance.

Adam has practiced tai chi for over 26 years. He has studied notably with the late Rose Shao-Chiang Li , Simon Wyard  and Dr/Shifu Jay Dunbar in the USA

He combines a concern with alignment and posture with a playful approach to pushing hands and partnering exercises.

He is now teaching tai chi at the University of Plymouth.

Ashi no Shiatsu

A way of treating the bodies imbalances through applying  pressure to the foot.

Using the same reflexes that are found in Reflexology, the treatment  combines intense and light touch, but is always relaxing.

Ashi no Shiatsu enhances the circulation of the entire body, promotes the elimination of toxins and helps re-balance the immune system.


Adam and Tamami Benjamin live in the village of Gunnislake in the Tamar Valley, Cornwall, both are practitioners with a wealth of experience in their relative fields.

For enquiries phone 01822 832 160

adam adam@adambenjamin.co.uk

tamami tamami@adambenjamin.plus.com


Tamami Benjamin

A therapist with over 17 years experience, she was the principle practitioner and administrative director for the Yojoen Holistic Retreat Centre in Nagano, Japan. www.yojoen.com/e/index.html

An experienced natural food chef and yoga teacher, she is mother of three boys (all home births), and now lives and practices in Cornwall.